torstai 4. elokuuta 2011

Wreck place 006

That is still working wreck store but there are many kind of heavy duty parts and machines. I like.

Wreck place 005

This is the one of my firstest and also largest wreck place where I have been visited, a deceased finnish singer, a wreck place of Esko Rahkonen. Now almost those hundreds cars are sold and the worst and rest of them demolished. The pictures is taken 2006-08...

Wreck place 004

Treasure island in secret deep forest..

Wreck place 003

One of the top 10 wreck place where I ever been. Much of rusted cars, interesting machines and history of farming stuff.

Wreck place 002

My "wreck eye" saw some trucks and busses in the forest..There were some kind of wreck place. Much of dumbed stuff in the forest. There you are best of that place, for example very rare Toyota Hilux mk1...

Cafe cruising 27.7.2011

Some cruising photos to Weird Antiques shop and back to Helsinki

Wreck place 001

When I was young I see that place many many times when we ride to my grandparents and now I noticed that is cleaned up truck wrecks...or not...There you are some wrecks that you can find on the forest..